Wellplex Serum

Wellplex Serum

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Wellplex Serum Treatment:

Recommended regimen for all hair types struggling with hair weakening, thinning, and breakage.

Wellplex Serum is a heat-protectant formula within our innovative hair care repairing system that reverses internal Keratin damage within the hair structure up to 3X by creating additional hydrogen and ionic bonds to benefit the hair complex. The Wellplex synergistic collection includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Serum, and a spray-in, leave-in Mask style aid all infused with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, fiber-plex, and hyaluronic acid. Results of healthy, strong, and repaired hair are noticeable within first use.

Directions: After rinsing out your conditioner or mask treatment, apply serum to ends to mid-length and leave-in. Recommended to be applied when hair is 50-70% damp before applying any additional styling aids. Can also be used on dry hair after styling to complete desired appearance.